Your Safety is Our Priority

Matagorda Volunteer Fire Department is proud to serve the communities of Matagorda and Selkirk.

Volunteers come in all shapes & sizes

Not a firefighter or emergency medical professional? There are a variety of different ways to help out your local fire department!

Beach Conditions

Rips tides are very strong on Matagorda Beach. We experience a number of emergency situations each year.

If you’ll be visiting the beach –

  • Know what to do if you are caught in a rip current
  • Ensure anyone in your party that is not a strong swimmer is always wearing a life jacket
  • Position your party away from the Pier. The Pier is a no swimming area. Individuals die each year from getting caught in currents near the pier.

Our Stations

Your contributions help us to keep our stations equipped and ready to serve.

Book the Hall

Visit Santorini and learn about its architecture and history.

Burn Ban & Burning Safety

Matagorda County is NOT currently under a burn ban.

In an Emergency

Dial 911.

The Bay City dispatchers will notify Matagorda or Selkirk volunteers of your location & need for assistance.